Sunday, December 29, 2013


Hi Mom!

Thanks for your letter! It sounds like Thanksgiving went well. I did not even remember it was Thanksgiving here until it was night time and I looked in the fridge starved and saw nothing, Then it was worse when I remembered ha. They do not celebrate that holiday here. It is all good. All their holidays are low key because they really do not party hard without alcohol.

Today was cool we went to the beach this morning and played soccer with the zone and took pictures. It was fun. There I met an escaped convict from the United States prison. While we were changing back into our church clothes, this big white guy shows up and everyone can see this guy is bad news. He was covered in tattoos and had long hair and big crazy ear rings. He came and talked to us for a little while. I guess he went to jail for doing some crazy stuff and did not want to go back so he ran down to Mexico. Long story short, I invited him to church. So nothing really cool happened this week. Well I have to go. Give my love to all. Thanks for the support.


Monday, November 25, 2013


Hello Everyone,

Hey! Hows it going? This was a pretty different but good week. So this one Sister who is super poor and  disabled can't really do anything. And every time it rains her house(shack) gets 2 feet of water.  So everyday this week we have spent the morning moving dirt! It killed all of our lessons for the week but we did service so that was fun. This week has been kind of cold, 55 degrees. All the people here are dressed up like they are going skiing at Targhee, its so funny. I haven't needed to use a coat or jacket because it is just so fresh. All of the people tell me I'm crazy hah. So we had a baptism this week. It was amazing. I gave the first talk on faith and it went well and the baptism just went so smooth and the spirit was so strong. My companion and I did a special musical number which just consisted of us singing. And all the people here are not good at singing so I actually sound good when in reality we all know what I sound like. 
This change is coming to an end and I'm 80 percent sure that I'm leaving Hidalgo which will kill me because of all the time I have invested here. All of my mission I have avoided giving a talk until this last week. They told me the day before to prepare a 5 minute talk on what ever. And if you do not know, talking in front of a lot of people KILLS me.  I hate it with a passion. I don't like to do it in English let alone Spanish. So I fasted and prepared a talk and when Sunday came they told me they were only going to have me and my companion talk so I was like WHAT, I only had prepared a 5 minute talk and they wanted me to talk for 12 minutes. But I had been fasting and during the sacrament I prayed not to be nervous and give a good talk and to be able to fill the time. After my prayer I felt completely calm. And right when I started I just gave my talk with more stuff than I had planned and I didn't even know.  I could feel the spirit just guiding me like never before. When I was done everyone in the ward came up to me and told me my talk was so beautiful and that I spoke perfectly and had lost my accent and I sounded like a Mexican and said everything just so perfect. And without meaning to I had spoke for 18 minutes! I almost stole all of the time of my comp haha! It was so amazing. So yes, we are working super hard and just loving it here! Hope all is well back home!

Elder Vince Miller

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Hey guys!

Thanks for all of the great letters and pictures you always send me! You all look so great and beautiful. So this week was good. One of our investagators passed her baptism interview and will be baptized this Saturday. Woot woot! 

This week we have interviews with President Jordan and it went really good. President Jordan is such a stud. Right now I am finishing the book of Mosiah in Spanish and its a fun experience reading it in another language. But I'm learning so much everyday. I've been out 6 months and it feels so long and so short at the same time. Sometimes days are hard and tough but its ok because I am tougher. My Spanish is coming along quite well.  I'm pretty confident but I still feel I need a little time to really have it down. But its so fun learning a language. Hard but fun. I wanna study another when I get home. Learning Spanish has actually helped me learn allot of English. Its hard to explain but its true. We have our getto area at the beach and we always get stopped by drug heads and drunks. Its starting to get annoying. We had a Mexican party at the ward. It was like the 4th of July but for Mexicans. 

Loving it here! Thanks for all!

Elder Vince Miller

Monday, November 4, 2013


Hey mom!
How are you? This week was pretty good. I’m glad all is well in Utah. The leaves aren’t changing here and it’s still hot, but at least it is a little more fresh here. It is still hot but not as hot. ........There was a new elder that stayed with us this last week from Idaho I guess he was in the same stake as the Anderson's and he and Parker got set apart the same day. His name is Elder Grover. I remember the days when I couldn't say or understand anything. .........Halloween is really sad here, like its tiny, no one does it but the next day the Dia de los Muertos is a little bigger but its still nothing compared to the states. It is a day of sadness more than happiness. We built a ark out of a cracker box. It looks really good it is a way we are going to ask for members to find people for us to teach . We shared the talk of Elder Uchtdorf this last conference with one of our less actives who reads so much anti Mormon stuff its not even funny and at the end of the lesson he was crying really hard saying thats just what he needed. We did another service project for Dora because her house is garbage.  We are basically building her house little by little. We gave a blessing to this lady who was super sick last week and this week she told us after the blessing she could walk and get up and was all better, so now we are teaching her, I hope it all turns out.  There is so much that happened this week its hard to write all into detail. Mom thanks for everything and all of your support and patience. If there is anything I can do just let me know. Thanks for everything. Ill send some pictures.
Elder Vince Miller

Monday, October 28, 2013

Hey this week was pretty all right. So today is the first day of the change and I guess I will be staying here with Elder Cisnado another change. This week was pretty good. We have 6 people with baptismal dates which is pretty cool and we are teaching more than 30 families right now. We have the best numbers in the zone. So ya we are working really hard. It was kind of rough Sunday because it had rained the night before so not very many people went to church. Zero of our people with dates did not show and that is super bad because if they miss one more day of church, we have to reschedule the baptismal dates. This change has been kind of crazy. ....... Have you guys gotten my letters yet?  Next week I will be one fourth done with my mission which is pretty crazy. I found allot of cool scriptures this week in the New Testament. Jesus gives us so many parables but we only know 1/8 of them because the others are short or confusing but I find them very interesting. And I have been with elder Cisnado for 1 change and now this change. I have a couple cool pictures that we took this week.   Love you all, thanks for everything.

Elder Vince Miller

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

October 8, 2013


Hey thanks for your letters! I’m not going to lie, I have the biggest head ache right now and it hurts me to look at the screen, but conference was awesome! I learned so much! I was honestly the first conference that I felt sad after it ended.  The Saturday sessions were better but I liked them all. Mom, in the stake center they had a room for all the gringos to watch conference in English live.  We could of watched it in Spanish but it just isn’t as powerful because you can’t hear the exact words of the prophet. We have a couple baptisms coming up! That should be awesome. the reason I havn’t sent any pictures the last couple weeks is because I ran out of batteries and they are super expensive here,  so I am waiting for more money to come in and sacrifice some food for them.  My comp and I get along fine ....... I have been a little sick this week and I don’t know why. I have a really bad head ache right now. ...... Thanks for everything! you guys are the Best! 


Elder Vince Miller

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

9-18-13 Hurricane Ingrid

Things are pretty crazy right now! Our city is lucky that it (hurricane Ingrid) didn’t hit us directly.  It barely missed us. But we have been getting rain like no other! Yesterday all the streets had at least 3 feet of water I am not kidding! It was so full that in all the lagoons in the area started to over flow and right now they are still finding crocs that decided to take a swim in the streets of Madero and Tampico. If we would of known of all the crocs in the streets, I am sure we would of been more careful treading through all the streets ha. This week was fine. I am getting a new companion today........ This week a raccoon tried to eat me, that was weird. The hurricane destroyed our week for lessons and killed almost 30 people in Veracruz and Victoria. All of the houses here are extremely flooded! Kids are swimming in the streets and cars are floating in the streets. Good luck for Parker.  Kayd is there and is killin it........ Pray for the people of Veracruz and Tamulipus because of all the destruction that happened. Sorry for my grammar and spelling but using a Spanish computer it doesn’t have English spell check and I am just writing as fast as I can. Here are some photos.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Hey guys! 
I had a pretty good week! This is the last week of the change, so that will be good, we had a meeting with all the missionaries in my generation on Friday. That was way good to see all those guys. Oh before I forget,  I got your package on Wednesday! Thanks so much!........So this week it rained a ton! All the streets were rivers. I went on splits with Elder Girot into his area across the river into the state of Veracruz that was cool. It’s like the hick part of our district, tons of mud and weird things over there. The ward there is the smallest one I’ve ever seen. Only 20 people. I got to help with the sacrament that was cool. ......... We have had other elders staying with us for a couple days this week. Elder Barbosa from Peru, and Elder Ovarsio from Pueblo Mexico that was fun because Elder Ovarsio is new like me so we talked a bunch and Elder Barbosa has lots of time here, in fact he leaves Monday. So he and my comp are good friends. We went over some wrestling and jijutsu moves(: hah they just think it’s the coolest thing because the sport doesn’t exist down here. Today we went to the temple for my first time. It was cool, kind of a little different hearing it in Spanish. The only bad thing is they don’t have food in this one. After we walked across the street and ate at an Italian restaurant. Well Ian, you asked for a story so here is a story for you. About two weeks ago we were running to a house and one of the members called us to come over to Hermana Jauchita’s house. She is an 80 year old widow with no family or money. Every time we are in her shack I feel really sad. So she couldn’t walk or anything before because her leg was super jacked up. So the ward members give her food and company every day. But anyway about her leg, she couldn’t walk at all because in her right calve her tendons were separating and there was a huge gash about a half inch wide and about 10 inches running up and down her leg. It was really gross. Just a gash of flesh and the doctors didn’t know what to do because of her condition. So we ran to her house and my comp said I was giving the blessing and so I gave it and right when I finished giving her the blessing here skin was sealed back up and now there is only a scare and the next day the doctors told her that all her tendons have been put back in place. She can walk now. She still has a harder time because she is like 80 and in Mexico that is like really really old. But I am so glad I was able to be an instrument the hands of the Lord to perform this amazing healing. So there’s a story for you. Dad that is crazy about Mr. Greenwood I hope he is doing ok. I will for sure pray for him........ But thanks again all of you guys for your letters they really do help me a ton! Um don’t know what more to say. If you have any more questions you know what to do. Feel free to share my letters I just didn’t feel like sending it out to everyone today. Give everyone my love.

Elder Vince Miller
Zone Meeting

Monday, September 2, 2013


Oh hey everyone!

This week was a good week. So the area that I am in now is a little harder to get lessons because all the people are at the refinery until way late but its okay! We are teaching about 10 different people right now about 5 investigators.  Yesterday I asked one to get baptized and she said she would so we will have another baptism in a couple weeks. This week was pretty cool for me because one of the less active sisters we teach has been fasting for stuff because she wants to go to the temple and during the lesson I was just talking and relating an experience and all of a sudden she threw her hands up into the sky and exclaimed that I had answered one of the things she had been fasting for. I still don’t even know what that might be but that was a testimony builder to me because God prepares his missionaries and people. I was just talking about something honestly nothing super spiritual and it answered a fast for a struggling mother of 6. I don’t think that JUST happened. So that was really cool. President Jordan is the bomb because we can now play soccer on P days WOOT! So today we played with our district and the assistants, I was soaked by the end but totally worth it. We played gringos VS Latinos and believe it or not we won!  Oh this week I ate a full Habanero chili! Not the smartest thing I’ve ever done in my life but for sure one of the most rewarding. So I’ve been in area Hildago only 3 weeks and President told me that my comp is leaving this change to be a zone leader in Victoria. Kind of nervous because the area is so big and he has done the majority of the teaching and everything so you guys should pray for me or something. I am super sad to hear that my MTC comp Tallen Tipton, for sure one of my best friends, is probably leaving because he has super bad feet, bunions  Shout out to Garrett Bayles because he and President Holland are friends now, and my cousin Rebekah for having her 2nd kid! Love all so much! Thanks so much for all your support! Feel free to write me whenever, and letters are pretty cool too(: Somedays are hard and it’s so hot! I never stop sweating but I am so glad to be here, there is no other place I would rather be. Keep driving on and I will too. 

Elder Vince Miller

1. This picture was taken 2 minutes after I was done spazing out from eating the Habanero.

Monday, August 19, 2013


Family and Friends,
Thanks for the letters, I always do appreciate them very much. This week was so so good. My new area is huge so we walk a ton and in the refinery there are always huge fires going up into the air, I think that's why it’s so hot here. We had a baptism last week, and we have another this week. We are currently teaching like 6 investigators at the moment so we have a goal of 5 baptisms this change, which would be awesome because the normal is only 1 or 2 a change. I am keeping myself in shape and being healthy. Every night I work out because of the lack of food and the amount of sweating I have lost a little weight and think I weigh probably around 155 right now. I eat only healthy stuff here when I can. I’ve stopped drinking the soda here because there is just so much here. Soda and beer are cheaper than water here ha. Um my Spanish is better but still needs a lot of practice, I can understand most things if they are speaking slow or if it is something I know a lot about. But there is still quite of few words I do not know. This week beats the record with gun shots heard this week was 7 each when we were walking home ha. This week was kind of cool because we got to go into another ward in our mission to do interviews because my comp in the DL(District Leader) so we crossed the big river in a ferry into Veracruz.  Veracruz is almost half of our mission. But anyways at first it was a little nervous getting into that little ferry because those rivers are infested with crocs and every year people die from big crocs knocking over little boats and what not haha, but don't worry I made it just fine. On the other side of the river is more of the country and jungle, kind of like my one half of my area next to the beach.  The area is really really poor and more of the country. Tons of Dogs! EVERYWHERE! On the way back we were waiting next to the dock and I saw a bunch of ropes hanging from this HUGE bridge, The bridge goes across the river to connect Tamulipas and Veracruz. It’s real big. So I asked my comp whats up with the ropes, and mom stop reading because you won’t like this, But I guess when a narco, or one of the cartels catches a soldier or another cartel, or anyone who messes with them, they.... ya hah I guess it’s a pretty regular thing. They do it to scare the people because in the morning everyone sees it on the news. Kinda crazy. Well I gotta go! Thanks for everything, Tell Anthony congrats from me on his graduation from BYU. I would write more but don't have much time. Thanks for everything. I will try to send some pictures.

Elder Vince Miller

Monday, August 5, 2013

8-5-13 Madero Mexico

Hey Mom,
How are you? Thanks for the letter as always. Today is the change, and today I got a new trainer and new area. It is weird because I am the only trainee to being moved after 1 change. I guess president decided that I needed a new trainer.  Elder Fig went to the city of Victoria.  I got moved into the area of Madero. It is basically Tampico.  It’s about 25 minutes from my last area but actually hotter because my area is the area closest to the beach. We live like 5 minutes from the beach. Ha so I might get to see the ocean finally.  It was sad to say bye to our area in Lomas. I was just starting to get to know the people. But I know it is for the better. My new comp is way cool. He is from Mexico City and is the district leader here and is really a good missionary, he is my new trainer.  It is cool because this Saturday the next and the next we have baptisms and the last 2 Saturdays the same.  So there is a lot of work here. It is sooooo hot here!!! When do you leave for Missouri? I have friends in Missiouri maybe you will see them(; ha I hope Ian is doing good. Get pictures and send them to me. Tell the Cousins to move to Utah! My Spanish is improving little by little. Some of the other missionaries today I saw at the bus station and at the mission home thought I have been here a lot longer than 6 weeks. I can understand most everything when I want to. Talking is still kind of hard. I’m glad everything is going good. When you send the package make sure you put pictures of Jesus and the Virgin Mary on it. It has a more likely chance of getting here safe.  Well I don’t have much time! I hope everything is good. Diga la familia y todas que les amo, buena suerta mama con todas sus obras. adios  translation,  Tell the family and everyone that I love them, Good luck mom with all of your works. 

Elder Vince Miller

Monday, July 29, 2013

July 29, 2013

Family and Friends,

Hey this week nothing really happened. It was super hot this week. We didn’t have very many lessons because every day we had to take a big chunk out of the day to do other things. Like Monday is Pday so we only had a couple hours, Tuesday we waited for 4 hours while these guys tried to fix our air conditioning, but to our sadness they couldn’t fix it so Tuesday we didn’t have very much time. Wednesday, we had our weekly district and zone meeting at the stake center then the night we had a meeting with the bishop, so not much time either. Then Thursday we had a meeting at the institute building with all the trainers and new missionaries. That took all day but that was great because I got to see Elder Tipton and all the others I knew from the MTC.  I was able to talk to them about their stories and then ate at the mission home which is always awesome. Then Friday we went on divisions again. This time I went with Elder Rosado who is Elder Hancock’s comp, ................I got to help an old guy with some work on Tuesday, that was cool. So it rained real hard this week and his house is at the bottom of a hill so a lot of dirt gets built up around his yard.  So I took his shovel from him and did it for him. That was really kind of fun, I did a job that would have taken him 2 hours and I did it in 15 minutes.  I just blazed through that mud, so that was cool. but ya nothing really this weeks. Looks like the reunion went good! That's great, I prayed for that............thanks for everything.

Elder Vincent Miller

Monday, July 22, 2013

July 22, 2013

Family and Friends,

Hey! Wow this last week has been crazy! So I haven't really wrote very much because the first couple of weeks were really kinda tough adjusting to the climate and culture. But its coming. So this was a really good week. I haven't said very much about my adventures since Ive been here. But just the basics is my comps/trainers name is Elder Figuroa. He speaks pretty alright English because he is a HUGE gamer and has been playing Mario Cart since he was 5 all in English, so he knows all is English from video games. He is really really smart and know how to teach really well...................................

Lesson wise we are KILLING it! We have the most in the zone for 3 weeks in a row! Last week we hit like 31 lessons which is like way good. My comp says before me the most he had every had on his mission was 27 and he has been here for 1 year. So we are working really hard with lessons. I teach about half the lessons, and as long they don't say difficult Spanish and don't speak to fast I can usually do the job. But its still really hard. I am different than most gringo missionaries. Most understand first then speak, I speak better than I understand. So that's kinda weird. 

So on this week was a week of blessings! On Tuesday we gave a blessing to a sister . My comp gave that one but that was cool. Then Weds we went on divisions and our district leader Elder Hancock came into our area while my comp went to his for the day. I like Elder Hancock alot, he helps me out with alot and is the only other gringo in the zone, he is from Manti. So we had a great time! Our free time at night I taught him how to juggle, and he taught me some cool pen tricks. But while I was with him, I gave my first blessing in Spanish to this lady who was really sick, then our last lesson for the night a man kept having a dream about crazy stuff! Like equivalent to the tree of life! We gave him a blessing because he didn't know what the dreams meant so we did a Joseph of Egypt job and helped him with his dream. I gave him the scriptures about the tree of life for him to read, not thinking he was actually going to read them. We visited him again a couple days later and he said after we gave him the blessing he felt peace and strength to help him with what he needs to do and he said he read all the chapters I gave him! Which I was kind of surprised because they never read and if they do its very little. He said the chapters really spoke to him and I am not going to go into detail about everything but after our second visit he asked for another blessing and asked if I would give it. So this week I gave 2 blessing in Spanish which was really cool. We gave 4 altogether. 

On Friday I got bit by a dog. I threw one of our members a tennis ball and he didn't catch it, so I went to go get the ball as it was rolling along a fence and picking up the ball, outta nowhere this hound stuck its head outta the fence and bit my forearm, I instantly retracted my arm from its mouth and I only got spit and some bruised, Good thing it was only that because that would of really hurt. 

I will talk about Tampico a  little  a bit, it is really hot, green and humid! Most people have air conditioning in the room where they sleep but we don't because a couple months ago the old elders in the house broke it. So I thought it was normal to soak your garments and wake up sweating 3 times night and have to re soak, but talking to some other elders in the zone say our house is the worst to sleep in because our rooms are on the top part so heat travels up and it is all cement so it literally is a furnace where we sleep hah! So the last couple of nights we had to sleep where our kitchen is on the bottom part cause the last couple days have been sooo hot. We walk everywhere! I haven't walked so much since training! My thighs have stretch marks because they are getting bigger cause of all the walking ha! 

Everyone one here has fences that have either broken glass on the top or knife like things so people don't break into the house. Everyone one here is so uptight, I had it explained to me today the full reason, so I guess the new president of Mexico got elected a couple years ago and wanted to stop some of the big cartels in the other states and I guess he cleared them all out of some states but the bad thing is they all ran into Tamulipas, I guess a year ago it was WAY worse. The member said everyday there were gun fights outside their house. But they have moved the Army into Tampico and now it is a little better, But thats why everyone is so uptight is because Tamulipas in currently the craziest state in Mexico. 

Next week we get to go to the beach on P Day so that might be cool! I am very excited for that! So I have to jet but thanks for all the support. It is hard here but it is worth it and the language will come. Thanks for the letters! Tell Ian I think about him all the time! and pray for him constantly! ........... But love everyone so much! ..........But give everyone my love! 

Elder Vince Miller

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

July 9, 2013

Hey mom!
Thanks for your letters every week. I really look forward to them. So this week was a little better. The Spanish is still really really hard. If you could remember that in your prayers. So yesterday was the last day of the week, and we had our week goal of 27 lessons for that week. So we needed 7 more that night cause we couldn't start till after six because we had church then we ate dinner with a family then didn't get done till six. That gave us 3 hours to find 7 different people to teach and give lessons. Our mission president told everyone to be home no later than nine yesterday because of all the voting going on right now the streets are dangerous. So we ran all over town finding people and giving a quick lesson. We finished our last lesson at 8:55 and ran home and made it home just past nine. So that was like unheard of 7 lessons in hours. The norm for a whole day is about 4 so that was cool. It’s raining a tons here. It rains hard, and makes it more humid. We played volley ball this morning as a zone that was fun................Sorry I can’t write much this week, we have very little time today. But know I pray for the family every time. You guys can send me stuff if you feel. The mail 80 percent of the time doesn't get messed with. But give everyone my love! Gotta go bye!

Elder Vincent Miller 

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

June 25, 2013

Hola Friends and Family
Wow what a crazy couple of days! So yes i am in Tampico Mexico right now at the moment! Man it is HOT here! I though South Carolina was hot! haha at least we got AC in our barracks haha! Everything is going good though. So over the last few weeks have been a couple of mixed emotions, all with leaving the MTC and arriving to Mexico, i know i will for sure miss my district and what not in the MTC but i was ready to get outta that place. It was a great experience. So our last testimony meeting was a good one! A ton of picture taking and crying done by the hermanas in our disticto. It was kinda sad to be leaving all them and what not. But on Monday morning we woke up at 4 and carted our luggage to the travel office, where we ended up waiting to leave at 5 thirty because the travel office was confused. So then we left to the Salt lake airport and waited and got some last Cafe Rio before we hit Mexico then our plane left at 10, then we flew to Houston, there i got to talk to my family for a little which was good, I did not have much time because i ran out of minutes, i even had to barrow some already from another missionary. In Houstan we meet up with the other group and some of us had some last minutes American Chineese food at Panda Express! Then off we were to Mexico were it is always a laugh sitting next to Elder Anderson because he hates planes! and at the smallest amount of turbulence he freaks hahah. So then we arrived, right when we walked outside I felt like I was back south but worse haha. Soo hot at all times hah. After we got past the security and the armed soldiers that guard the airport, we met our Misson President and his APs they were way cool. They drove us to the mission house, which was way nice. There we had a amazing meal of something haha. Then we had a quick little meeting with all the elders that arrived on our plane. All of them except me and Elder Stoor are taller than 6'2 so everyone looked like giants. There were 12 of us shoved into 1 tiny tiny house with no and only 6 beds so we had to get creative, there is no AC here so it was way hot all night, but at least we had a fan for every room. I remember last night i took a cold shower and came out and felt the same way in the shower haha thats how humid it is here. Surprisingly I slept alright until at the crack a dawn i heard it seemed like 20 roosters all decided to start crowing at the exact same time. I swear every other person here has a pet rooster, and everyone here does have a pet dog. So when we woke up. Me elders Stoor and Smith Walked across the street to the Tampico Temple to have a morning study. That was really nice. The Tampico Temple is very beautiful! For sure the nicest building in Tampico. After we had some study time, we all drove to the institute building where we went to meet our trainers and have a couple classes. It was all Spanish, so....I didn't understand alot of it haha but i got the jist of things, after, we had an amazing dinner back at the mission home with everyone, then we all got assigned our companions and zones. Elder Tipton played sweet hour of prayer and i played another hyme for everyone after. They asked were i learned to play because they were impressed and i said me madre, go mom hah. Im assigned to a zone right inside Tampcio. I’m so excited! My companion is a little native elder who knows hardly any English so its kind of hard. It was hard to say bye to my comps from the MTC especially elder Tipton. He is such a great friend and missionary. After we all piled into a couple cars it was cray cray! not Joke in the mission presidents van, we had 16 elders haha! The drivers here are kind of crazy, The taxies are allowed to run red lights, and its free go on the roads cause there are like no cops. One bummer is that i am not allowed to play any soccer, kinda sad about that. but on P days we can go on the beach and play sand volley ball and play basket ball. The houses here are unlike anything ive seen in america, is its super green and tropical almost a jungle here. Ive seen Mexican soldiers everywhere with their faces covered with mask
s its a little different. I would seem as if they were expecting trouble at any second ha well i gotta peace out. Thanks for everything feel free the email me or write me at anytime! i would love it!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

June 12, 2013


These last couple of weeks have been pretty great!  Well every day is great! The Spanish is coming along really great, it is still hard and will be for the first couple months but I know it will come really fast when I am there. Everyday Elder Tipton and I teach 2-3 lessons, it is pretty fun and we never go in with notes and just let it flow. The last lesson we had with Paublo went really interesting because he is doing everything we told him but he isn't praying and receiving answers the way we want him. So our lesson with him consisted of us asking him if he had received an answer concerning the decision of baptism, and he was still unsure so we asked if we could pray with him right there, so after he prayed we asked him how he felt and he said good but didn't think he had received an answer so we had him pray 2 more times and then we said a prayer. We literally were on our knees the whole lesson and finally he yielded to the spirit and said he would be baptized so that was interesting. One other lesson that went good is where our whole district taught this one lady and then she gave us all feed back, and she told Elder Tipton and I in front of everyone that we did the best because she said she felt that we were the only ones really listening to her and trying to figure out her needs .  I thought that was cool because even though Elder Tipton and I didn’t know much Spanish, she could still feel our spirit I guess.  Our zone got 2 more districts the last two weeks and they are all awesome! It is sad cause the district one week ahead of us, leave on Monday, and I’ve became really really good friends with them and I will miss them very much. They are all going to Chile though. We leave the Monday after woot woot. So last week the Tampico Mexico missionaries flew to Vegas for the day to get our visas. It was so weird because the fly there and back, since we did not gain very much altitude, I could see our drive way and basketball hoop in Lehi, as we flew over, we honestly flew right over my neighborhood. Even the drive to the airport, driving through lehi was kind of cool. I took alot of pictures. Vegas was awesome! We all ate real food and some guy in a wheel chair bought all of us missionaries Cafa Rio at the airport, that was cool. We all got to hand out pass along cards and I gave mine to this guy who came up and started to talk to me because he "used" to be Mormon, but obviously not anymore.  He had just broken up with his fiancĂ© in Vegas.  I talked to him for a bit and gave him our card saying if he had any questions here's our number and website, he put the card in his wallet, and that was it. It was good to get out of class and be in the real world finally. Yesterday was the first time in MTC history that we had our devotional in the Marriott Center because we can’t fit everyone, the MTC is growing so fast. The normal amount of missionaries is 500-600 a week, we have been receiving 950 a week now.  They had to open a new campus about half a mile from the MTC cause of how many are coming in.  Right now there are 65,000 missionaries out and by the end of the summer there will be over 100,000

 crazy. They actually have been reassigning people like crazy because the original missions are to full. So every night Elder Tipton and I bear our testimonies to 3 different groups of people, that's been way cool. So I still lift everyday, Everyone has started to call me muscle Hamster recently hahah its kinda funny.  I am finally getting stretch marks on my arms hahah. I weigh in at a solid 170 and no one here believes I use to wrestle 125lbs.  They all think I wrestled 160s or 172s. The MTC has records for some physical events that have been up for a long time.  I do not know how long but, I beat the male push up record with 171 push ups without stopping, it was really hard, my name should be up on the MTC record board today actually. So there is a big devotional on the 23rd of this month, the day before I  leave. There is going to be a big choir of missionaries and I will be in there somewhere. You can watch it.  It is being broad casted.  All the general authorities are supposed to be there. This is supposed to be a big deal. They won’t tell us what it is, but they said they are going to announce something that will go down in history for missionary work.  So it may be worth watching just saying.....  My companion Elder Tipton sprained his foot really bad yesterday so we've been walking really slow and I have had to carry him places so that's kinda fun.  I love all our experiences here.  It is so great! Well I think that's everything.  When anyone gets Ian’s address, tell me asap! So I guess,  hasta proxima ves (until next time) thanks so much.

Elder Vince Miller

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

May 29, 2013 MTC

Hola! Como estan! hahah jk whats up!
So its now been exactly two weeks since my arrival to the MTC! The MTC its a pretty great place! all the buildings look the same and are all really close to each other that we still get lost all the time! But it is a really nice campus, they have tons of people hired to insure that on missionary service days we are doing all the work so of course the yard and buildings are keep way nice right???
So everyone has been asking about my companions, my district and zone. so my companion is elder Tallen Tipton from St George Utah. We look kinda different but we are one in mind and in spirit hah. He is a 6"5 Ball player is actually pretty athletic for a tall dude. he isn’t your average 6'5 160lbs string bean, he is like 200 lbs. so like he is still skinny but not that skinny if that makes sense. me and him always can read each other’s minds and we always do well in our lessons, he helps me with my Spanish because he had already taken like 4 years so he is pretty good, we both kinda have the same sense of humor and both are for sure not class guys so we always find ways to entertain ourselves. Everyone in my district has taken like 4-6 years of Spanish so i am a little behind, but it is till awesome. I will get to that I a moment. My other two companions that we share our room with are Elders Stoor and Anderson, Elder Stoor is a really cool guy he is a little thicker but not really. 5'8 weighing in at 185 lbs so just a little bigger then your 5'8 guys. like me...... well he is from Cedar and was way into wrestling his high school years so we talk wrestling all the time. so it always makes for a good convo. He is one of those guys who always has a way powerful testimony and talks for a WAY long time haha. Elder Anderson is from Austin Texas, Height 6'3 and weighting in at 196lbs. so yes you guessed it a I am technically the smallest member of our little gang. Elder Anderson use to be inactive when he was younger and over the last couple year has come back and has learned alot for his trials. He is into a lot of stuff I am into. Him and I always go lift weights while Elder Stoor and Tipton go play ball. he works out just like Ty Porter. He is a Bicept and back kinda guy, then a chest and tricep kinda guy hahah so we don’t do the same work outs haha, but at least he will go right? When my chess board comes in Elder Anderson claims he can throw down... we will see. hahah so we eat a ton here! like a lot of calories and a lot of sitting around, its good we get a hour, but still... so i now am weighing in at a soild 167lbs and same height haha so I am filling in(: but don’t worry I’m still looking good! just not as skinny hahah. We have 5 hermana, sisters in our district. We don’t talk to them that much but they are pretty cool. Hermana Fischette from New York, Hermana Piggott from Provo, Hermana Anderson from Seattle, Hermana Wilcox from Draper, and Hermana Tracy from Kansas City Missouri. When I first got here there were 3 districts but one left and now there is just us two, but we are getting a new one today, fresh meat. ah jk But I am good friends with the other sets of elders in the other district. Elder Kno is on the BYU football team and is from Ohio and is a total athlete and me and him lift and run together everyday. Elder Jackson his companion is completely different but super cool. A way smart total nerd who never played a sport in his life and went to Bingham High school hah but they are way cool and get along way good. The other three are Elder Fuero, Heslop and Seeley.  They are all way awesome guys.
So mom you would be proud of me i have been playing the piano for our branch on Sundays and have been trying to teach Elder Tipton how to play sweet hour of prayer, it is a working progress, but he is coming along just fine. also we got to go to rite-aids store because my companion was sick and we bought alot of stuff to have some fun. Some of those things include three tennis balls which I have been really immersed in juggling in my free time, I’m getting way good. I’m trying to teach my companions, as well is a work in progress. But they will get it one day.
So my language studying is going way good! I’m still not a pro but I am for sure learning every day! we have taught 7 lessons in Spanish already! most of the time we just nod at what they are saying and keep talking hahah but actually we are getting pretty good at understanding them haha. I can say most everything I want to say but I know it comes out as caveman talk/Asian who doesn’t know how to conjugate. hah the native speaker missionaries here call the "white rapper" hahah its super funny. But all this will come with time i guess.
The food here is actually good! A lot of people here complain and murmur about the food but I just refer to them as Lamen and Lamuels because I always try to remind them that at my home we never had any food to munch on hahaha. So that way I am slowly but surely gaining some weight.  
I see lots of missionaries here that I knew from the old world it’s awesome to see them all here. it’s hard to refer to them as elders and sisters and not give them all hugs.  
We have devotionals by people twice a week, I haven’t seen anyone from the 12 yet but a lot of 70 and other way cool speakers.
The spirit here is unlike anything you will have ever experienced in your life, unless of course you have been here. I am anxious to get into Mexico though.
Well peace out everyone, Mom and Dad Forward this out to whoever. Thanks so much for all the emails, letters, and packages I have got I love them so much and they help me with so much here!
As they say.....
Another day another dollar. Celestral Dollars(: