Monday, July 29, 2013

July 29, 2013

Family and Friends,

Hey this week nothing really happened. It was super hot this week. We didn’t have very many lessons because every day we had to take a big chunk out of the day to do other things. Like Monday is Pday so we only had a couple hours, Tuesday we waited for 4 hours while these guys tried to fix our air conditioning, but to our sadness they couldn’t fix it so Tuesday we didn’t have very much time. Wednesday, we had our weekly district and zone meeting at the stake center then the night we had a meeting with the bishop, so not much time either. Then Thursday we had a meeting at the institute building with all the trainers and new missionaries. That took all day but that was great because I got to see Elder Tipton and all the others I knew from the MTC.  I was able to talk to them about their stories and then ate at the mission home which is always awesome. Then Friday we went on divisions again. This time I went with Elder Rosado who is Elder Hancock’s comp, ................I got to help an old guy with some work on Tuesday, that was cool. So it rained real hard this week and his house is at the bottom of a hill so a lot of dirt gets built up around his yard.  So I took his shovel from him and did it for him. That was really kind of fun, I did a job that would have taken him 2 hours and I did it in 15 minutes.  I just blazed through that mud, so that was cool. but ya nothing really this weeks. Looks like the reunion went good! That's great, I prayed for that............thanks for everything.

Elder Vincent Miller

Monday, July 22, 2013

July 22, 2013

Family and Friends,

Hey! Wow this last week has been crazy! So I haven't really wrote very much because the first couple of weeks were really kinda tough adjusting to the climate and culture. But its coming. So this was a really good week. I haven't said very much about my adventures since Ive been here. But just the basics is my comps/trainers name is Elder Figuroa. He speaks pretty alright English because he is a HUGE gamer and has been playing Mario Cart since he was 5 all in English, so he knows all is English from video games. He is really really smart and know how to teach really well...................................

Lesson wise we are KILLING it! We have the most in the zone for 3 weeks in a row! Last week we hit like 31 lessons which is like way good. My comp says before me the most he had every had on his mission was 27 and he has been here for 1 year. So we are working really hard with lessons. I teach about half the lessons, and as long they don't say difficult Spanish and don't speak to fast I can usually do the job. But its still really hard. I am different than most gringo missionaries. Most understand first then speak, I speak better than I understand. So that's kinda weird. 

So on this week was a week of blessings! On Tuesday we gave a blessing to a sister . My comp gave that one but that was cool. Then Weds we went on divisions and our district leader Elder Hancock came into our area while my comp went to his for the day. I like Elder Hancock alot, he helps me out with alot and is the only other gringo in the zone, he is from Manti. So we had a great time! Our free time at night I taught him how to juggle, and he taught me some cool pen tricks. But while I was with him, I gave my first blessing in Spanish to this lady who was really sick, then our last lesson for the night a man kept having a dream about crazy stuff! Like equivalent to the tree of life! We gave him a blessing because he didn't know what the dreams meant so we did a Joseph of Egypt job and helped him with his dream. I gave him the scriptures about the tree of life for him to read, not thinking he was actually going to read them. We visited him again a couple days later and he said after we gave him the blessing he felt peace and strength to help him with what he needs to do and he said he read all the chapters I gave him! Which I was kind of surprised because they never read and if they do its very little. He said the chapters really spoke to him and I am not going to go into detail about everything but after our second visit he asked for another blessing and asked if I would give it. So this week I gave 2 blessing in Spanish which was really cool. We gave 4 altogether. 

On Friday I got bit by a dog. I threw one of our members a tennis ball and he didn't catch it, so I went to go get the ball as it was rolling along a fence and picking up the ball, outta nowhere this hound stuck its head outta the fence and bit my forearm, I instantly retracted my arm from its mouth and I only got spit and some bruised, Good thing it was only that because that would of really hurt. 

I will talk about Tampico a  little  a bit, it is really hot, green and humid! Most people have air conditioning in the room where they sleep but we don't because a couple months ago the old elders in the house broke it. So I thought it was normal to soak your garments and wake up sweating 3 times night and have to re soak, but talking to some other elders in the zone say our house is the worst to sleep in because our rooms are on the top part so heat travels up and it is all cement so it literally is a furnace where we sleep hah! So the last couple of nights we had to sleep where our kitchen is on the bottom part cause the last couple days have been sooo hot. We walk everywhere! I haven't walked so much since training! My thighs have stretch marks because they are getting bigger cause of all the walking ha! 

Everyone one here has fences that have either broken glass on the top or knife like things so people don't break into the house. Everyone one here is so uptight, I had it explained to me today the full reason, so I guess the new president of Mexico got elected a couple years ago and wanted to stop some of the big cartels in the other states and I guess he cleared them all out of some states but the bad thing is they all ran into Tamulipas, I guess a year ago it was WAY worse. The member said everyday there were gun fights outside their house. But they have moved the Army into Tampico and now it is a little better, But thats why everyone is so uptight is because Tamulipas in currently the craziest state in Mexico. 

Next week we get to go to the beach on P Day so that might be cool! I am very excited for that! So I have to jet but thanks for all the support. It is hard here but it is worth it and the language will come. Thanks for the letters! Tell Ian I think about him all the time! and pray for him constantly! ........... But love everyone so much! ..........But give everyone my love! 

Elder Vince Miller

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

July 9, 2013

Hey mom!
Thanks for your letters every week. I really look forward to them. So this week was a little better. The Spanish is still really really hard. If you could remember that in your prayers. So yesterday was the last day of the week, and we had our week goal of 27 lessons for that week. So we needed 7 more that night cause we couldn't start till after six because we had church then we ate dinner with a family then didn't get done till six. That gave us 3 hours to find 7 different people to teach and give lessons. Our mission president told everyone to be home no later than nine yesterday because of all the voting going on right now the streets are dangerous. So we ran all over town finding people and giving a quick lesson. We finished our last lesson at 8:55 and ran home and made it home just past nine. So that was like unheard of 7 lessons in hours. The norm for a whole day is about 4 so that was cool. It’s raining a tons here. It rains hard, and makes it more humid. We played volley ball this morning as a zone that was fun................Sorry I can’t write much this week, we have very little time today. But know I pray for the family every time. You guys can send me stuff if you feel. The mail 80 percent of the time doesn't get messed with. But give everyone my love! Gotta go bye!

Elder Vincent Miller