Tuesday, July 9, 2013

July 9, 2013

Hey mom!
Thanks for your letters every week. I really look forward to them. So this week was a little better. The Spanish is still really really hard. If you could remember that in your prayers. So yesterday was the last day of the week, and we had our week goal of 27 lessons for that week. So we needed 7 more that night cause we couldn't start till after six because we had church then we ate dinner with a family then didn't get done till six. That gave us 3 hours to find 7 different people to teach and give lessons. Our mission president told everyone to be home no later than nine yesterday because of all the voting going on right now the streets are dangerous. So we ran all over town finding people and giving a quick lesson. We finished our last lesson at 8:55 and ran home and made it home just past nine. So that was like unheard of 7 lessons in hours. The norm for a whole day is about 4 so that was cool. It’s raining a tons here. It rains hard, and makes it more humid. We played volley ball this morning as a zone that was fun................Sorry I can’t write much this week, we have very little time today. But know I pray for the family every time. You guys can send me stuff if you feel. The mail 80 percent of the time doesn't get messed with. But give everyone my love! Gotta go bye!

Elder Vincent Miller 

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