Monday, February 9, 2015

The mission is just the dream and amazing! This week was pretty eventful I guess you could say. So I have a new companion. He is a newer missionary who is really great and is from Baja California, That will be pretty beneficial when I go to Cabo. We now live in a super awesome big house that a member is renting to us. It is brand new and super nice, with 2 bathrooms, 3 bedrooms, full kitchen, living room and a back yard. What a great blessing. 

This week we had the zone class, We focused it this time on unity because we have so many young missionaries in the zone,  half have less than 6 months in the mission. About five greenies out of the MTC. So we focused on that because for new missionaries, unity is just so important. As of right now we have the biggest zone in the mission. We have a lot of missionaries to take care of.

My new comp is great. He liked going exercise so every morning we have been waking up a little early to do exercise.  We get along great. This week was cool because last week I had fasted to be able to feel the spirit more in the lessons, and it was awesome to see the difference. The spirit really was able to accompany us this week. In everything that we did I could feel it. It was great because this week I focused a lot on doing short focused prayers. One night we were waiting for one of the people that we are teaching to show up to be able to teach and decided that we were wasting time just waiting, so we decided to go out to start contacting people. This is at 8:00 PM and in Mexico there aren't very many people in the street after dark. There wasn't anyone outside to contact so we said a prayer that people would come out of their houses so that we could contact some people and right after the prayer all of a sudden a bunch of people started coming out of their houses. and we were able to get those contacts in. That was cool to see the prayer answered. 

The following day, we had to go to another area to do some planning and we had to wait for the bus. We waited and waited and waited but the bus never showed up.  After 30 minutes we did a prayer so  the bus would show up at that  moment so that we could go plan, It was cool because right after the prayer, a bus came around the corner and it was exactly the bus we needed. 

The following day, my comp and I were sooo tired after the food appointment. So we did a pray so that we wouldn't be tired in the lessons and in all the lessons that day we felt super focused, alert and not the slightest bit sleepy! That really helped me see that when we pray for specific things that Heavenly Father sends us specific answers.

Love the life! Life couldn't get better! I invite you all to do prayers that require a specific answer. I promise that you will receive your answer.

Much Love,


Wednesday, January 28, 2015

This week was pretty cool!  We went to Tampico for the training meeting of the new missionaries and we stayed with the Assistants and that was fun talking to two of my old companions. We had a good talk. I really did love the training it was really great. President Jordan talked about conversions and it was really awesome. The first elder I trained, Elder Chico, is training as well in this generation and he was asked to give his testimony in the meeting and it was super powerful. I was so very glad that I was given the chance to be his first companion.

My companion that I have right now is really good and he is ready to train! Which would be super awesome. I did a division this week with the area of Praderas. The missionary is an Elder from Atlanta, Georgia. It actually was a super division. That area is struggling and before with our companions we set the goal of three new people to teach by the end of the day. And the whole day we were searching for people to teach we contacted the whole world and just did everything that we could to find these 3 new investigators, and we found three new people to teach.  At 8:30pm we went to visit a member and there she had invited four new investigator we had a great lesson and then we went home. We ended the day with seven new investigators.  I was thinking about how this all came to be and I know that Heavenly Father saw that we were trying very hard to find them that after we had done all that we could he blessed us with four more.   We had to do our part then he steps in and helps. It was a cool reminder experience that we had.

A lot of missionaries came and stayed with us this week. On Saturday night we had six elders in the house.  It was a full house and that was the second day in a row that I had sleep on the tile floor with only one blanket.  So, I’d say that I'm a little tired.  This week we had a good turnout at church, we had seven investigators come to church which is always a solid turn out.

One of the members this week bought me a cake and gave us amazing food for my birthday.  They were a month late, but hey it’s the thought that counts; right?   Our zone is a bomb! We are on fire! We are doing awesome! I'm so proud of the zone. Our light got cut off again.... dang-it.   Well hey, at least I'm used to it now.

This is the last week of the change. We are going work very hard this week and we are going to see blessings poured out of the heavens! We have five baptisms planned for this next month coming up.

Well, I have to go.  Hope all is well with everyone.

Take care. BE HAPPY.

Elder Vince Miller

Monday, January 19, 2015

This week was super awesome! I don’t know where to start but a lot of good things happened!  To start off on Tuesday we had super divisions in the zone and I stayed with a newer elder from St George and it was a good division.  He is a great elder and is way into cross country so we could talk for a little bit about that and fun getting to know him.  The next day we had the round table with the President and it was really good. Its super crazy to see the changes the mission has made in this last year! We had more than 200 baptisms in the year of 2014 than in 2013 that was super cool to.  My companion and I had to teach about planning and it actually went very smooth and it was way fun. Afterwards president and I talked and we talked about quite a few things. President Jordan really is a great mission president.

We had the Baptism of Edgar this week! That was just the coolest thing ever to see the changes that this man has made in his life.  And on Sunday, Miguel, the guy who got baptized a couple weeks got the priesthood.   I was so pumped for these guys.  I love missionary work!  This last week in the mornings has been really cold. I haven’t done exercise for a while just because it is so cold in the morning.

I went to another city to do a division and do a baptism interview for the elders over there. With a new elder from American Fork. It’s always fun doing divisions with new elders.   We gave a lot of blessings this week, most were for health and all the people we blessed that which they needed came to pass. This helped me gain a greater understanding of the power of the priesthood.  

We spent quite a bit of time walking in the deserted country side in the pitch dark.  It’s crazy how even though I have had some bad experiences in the past with walking in the dark in Mexico I still go without a thought and have faith that it will be fine.  I’ve been studying the Pearl of Grand Price and it helped me understand a lot about our origin and all that happened.  It increased my understanding.  I love this work and my Savior.  I know this is truly where I’m supposed to be and at this time. I’m really trying to deepen my relationship with Heavenly Father through my prayers. I hope you can all search for experiences that uplift you and that you truly search revelation and understanding. As you do so you will see things that you didn’t see before and understand things that you never imagined.  I love you all so very much and hope the best.

Elder Vince Miller 

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Hey Dad!

That is a lot of wood you guys cut! That looks fun. Actually here in Mexico, we do a lot of wood cutting too but with machetes!

So this week was a very interesting week........ Very interesting. First we had the zone class which was good. I think it could have been better but it’s all good.  We had a very cool experience this week.   We changed up some things in the zone so we could get more baptismal dates and it is working very nicely. I was able to do several divisions this week and they were very effective. On Tuesday night Elder Giraldo and I walked out of the Ward Council early to find a cyber cafe to prepare for a zone class and all the cyber cafes were closed, so we had to search all over to try to find one open.  But we could not find a single one. We decided to go down this one street that we had never been down to see if there was a cafe and we found Hermana Basilia buying some stuff. She is the lady who just got baptized.  We saw her and she was super upset at us and told us that she had a lot of things in the head and didn’t want to talk. We calmed her down and she told us that a lot of people had told her some lies about the Church and a bunch of dumb stuff.  We addressed her concerns and resolved her doubts.  She was super grateful that we had found her and explained things to her. That was a testimony to me that Heavenly Father puts us in the right place, at the right time, with the right words to help someone. It was actually a really great and cool experience. It was awesome!

We had changes and I’m in Tampico again.  I’m sad to leave my area, I loved it so much. Tomorrow actually, I am going to Ciudad Valles and opening it up to missionary work, I’m training again and I’m still the district and zone leader.  I’m going to be very busy.

Love you all so very much. Thank you for all the support that you give me.

Take care
Elder Vince Miller

Monday, November 3, 2014

 Hola !

The training is going great of my comp. We are having success and it is really fun being with him. I think that sometimes we need to focus a little more due to the fact that we have a ton of same interests and it’s easy to talk about other things. But it’s great. This week just FLEW by.  We started it like normal but on Wednesday we had to go to Tampico to the new people and training meeting.
It was great. Kind of like the first time I did it. This generation of missionaries is very special. Then that night I had to spend the night with Elder Lazara, my buddy from Argentina with his comp, who is from Arizona. I went to their area in Altamira were we had a great day walking in the streets talking and meeting people. Altamira I the opposite of Huejutla. Just tons and tons of people all packed together in a bunch of apartments and with all real life things. Had some pretty good experiences.

Elder Hallman called me and Elder Giraldo to prepare to teach a class to the council about putting baptism dates. So despite having no time and we weren’t even together, we pulled something together. The next day in the leadership council we talked about a lot of things and just had a great time. President talked so long that we didn’t have time to give our class.  It’s okay.  Not to bummed about that one. There are some great missionaries who are leaving this change who I will miss. They gave their testimonies about everything like always in the councils and it was just awesome. I love that part every time.

We got home and on Saturday we had that Baptism of the Family Del angel! It was so awesome! I found that family my first day here and it’s been a journey to get them into the waters and I am so
blessed to have had a part in helping them come unto Christ. 60 people attended the baptism.  I Iove my ward so much.  My comp was pretty pumped for his first baptism in his mission. Good way to start your mission if you ask me.

 This whole week has been crazy with that Shantolo. One of the people that we are teaching had a little hut and giving out food and invited us to go eat with them and to introduce us to some friends, We thought it would be a good chance to teach Lesson 2, the Plan of Salvation.
So we went to were all the party was happening and we went and ate some pork tacos with pork blood and Guacamole. It actually was really good. The Shantolo was super awesome! Never thought I would see something like that.

Another great experience, my comp saw some white people looking at us. And he wanted to talk with them and there we found out there were French and they didn’t speak a lick of Spanish or English but their son spoke Spanish so we talked to him in Spanish. It was cool to see Spanish as our only way to communicate seeing as we both weren’t speaking our native language. So it was super amazing! Loved every moment. This week was awesome. Hope that the next will be as well. Love you all tons! Take care.

Elder Vince

Monday, October 27, 2014

Hey Dad!

This week was a pretty great week and pretty fun. My comp and I are just working so hard. This week we had an issue with a lack of communication and locked our keys inside of our two story apartment.  We had to figure out how to get in and I remembered that I left one of the windows unlocked.  So, we asked some workers if we could barrow their sketchy ladder and I climbed on up. It was pretty cool. But let me tell you that that ladder was the most rickety ladder I have ever been on my whole life! But it was good.

Something super awesome that is happening right now is the Day of the Dead. It’s basically Halloween here in Mexico. They worship the dead. So we don’t worship the dead as missionaries.... But we sure do eat all the food that there is!!! Man let me tell you that right now the mission is AWESOME.  You have never tasted hot chocolate like the chocolate here.  They make it all from everything natural. It is sooo good. Its super cool to see the city getting pumped up for the holiday this week. Look it up on the internet.

This week we had a lot of good experiences. I gave a talk that went pretty well.  I think the best thing that happened was that for sure Basilia Lorenso and Victoria are getting baptized on Saturday. FINALLY!!!!  On Saturday we went to do service for them and that was fun cutting trees down with machetes.  After we tried to get them to accept a baptismal date and still they wanted to wait more. My comp and I were returning home not quite sure what we were doing to do with them and then a thought occurred to me to call the Relief Society President to have her visit Basilia that same day. Long story short, the reason she keep putting the baptism off was because she didn’t have money for refreshments and she was too embarrassed to tell us. So now it’s all worked out and they will be baptized this week.  That was a great thing to see God answer my 6 months’ worth of prayers and fasts and to see how big and crucial the role ward members make and why they are there in the first place.
I’ve got finish up. Today we went to the city center and took some cool pictures of really old buildings paintings and churches. Thanks for everything.

Love you tons Dad.
Elder Vince Miller