Monday, November 4, 2013


Hey mom!
How are you? This week was pretty good. I’m glad all is well in Utah. The leaves aren’t changing here and it’s still hot, but at least it is a little more fresh here. It is still hot but not as hot. ........There was a new elder that stayed with us this last week from Idaho I guess he was in the same stake as the Anderson's and he and Parker got set apart the same day. His name is Elder Grover. I remember the days when I couldn't say or understand anything. .........Halloween is really sad here, like its tiny, no one does it but the next day the Dia de los Muertos is a little bigger but its still nothing compared to the states. It is a day of sadness more than happiness. We built a ark out of a cracker box. It looks really good it is a way we are going to ask for members to find people for us to teach . We shared the talk of Elder Uchtdorf this last conference with one of our less actives who reads so much anti Mormon stuff its not even funny and at the end of the lesson he was crying really hard saying thats just what he needed. We did another service project for Dora because her house is garbage.  We are basically building her house little by little. We gave a blessing to this lady who was super sick last week and this week she told us after the blessing she could walk and get up and was all better, so now we are teaching her, I hope it all turns out.  There is so much that happened this week its hard to write all into detail. Mom thanks for everything and all of your support and patience. If there is anything I can do just let me know. Thanks for everything. Ill send some pictures.
Elder Vince Miller

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