Tuesday, June 25, 2013

June 25, 2013

Hola Friends and Family
Wow what a crazy couple of days! So yes i am in Tampico Mexico right now at the moment! Man it is HOT here! I though South Carolina was hot! haha at least we got AC in our barracks haha! Everything is going good though. So over the last few weeks have been a couple of mixed emotions, all with leaving the MTC and arriving to Mexico, i know i will for sure miss my district and what not in the MTC but i was ready to get outta that place. It was a great experience. So our last testimony meeting was a good one! A ton of picture taking and crying done by the hermanas in our disticto. It was kinda sad to be leaving all them and what not. But on Monday morning we woke up at 4 and carted our luggage to the travel office, where we ended up waiting to leave at 5 thirty because the travel office was confused. So then we left to the Salt lake airport and waited and got some last Cafe Rio before we hit Mexico then our plane left at 10, then we flew to Houston, there i got to talk to my family for a little which was good, I did not have much time because i ran out of minutes, i even had to barrow some already from another missionary. In Houstan we meet up with the other group and some of us had some last minutes American Chineese food at Panda Express! Then off we were to Mexico were it is always a laugh sitting next to Elder Anderson because he hates planes! and at the smallest amount of turbulence he freaks hahah. So then we arrived, right when we walked outside I felt like I was back south but worse haha. Soo hot at all times hah. After we got past the security and the armed soldiers that guard the airport, we met our Misson President and his APs they were way cool. They drove us to the mission house, which was way nice. There we had a amazing meal of something haha. Then we had a quick little meeting with all the elders that arrived on our plane. All of them except me and Elder Stoor are taller than 6'2 so everyone looked like giants. There were 12 of us shoved into 1 tiny tiny house with no and only 6 beds so we had to get creative, there is no AC here so it was way hot all night, but at least we had a fan for every room. I remember last night i took a cold shower and came out and felt the same way in the shower haha thats how humid it is here. Surprisingly I slept alright until at the crack a dawn i heard it seemed like 20 roosters all decided to start crowing at the exact same time. I swear every other person here has a pet rooster, and everyone here does have a pet dog. So when we woke up. Me elders Stoor and Smith Walked across the street to the Tampico Temple to have a morning study. That was really nice. The Tampico Temple is very beautiful! For sure the nicest building in Tampico. After we had some study time, we all drove to the institute building where we went to meet our trainers and have a couple classes. It was all Spanish, so....I didn't understand alot of it haha but i got the jist of things, after, we had an amazing dinner back at the mission home with everyone, then we all got assigned our companions and zones. Elder Tipton played sweet hour of prayer and i played another hyme for everyone after. They asked were i learned to play because they were impressed and i said me madre, go mom hah. Im assigned to a zone right inside Tampcio. I’m so excited! My companion is a little native elder who knows hardly any English so its kind of hard. It was hard to say bye to my comps from the MTC especially elder Tipton. He is such a great friend and missionary. After we all piled into a couple cars it was cray cray! not Joke in the mission presidents van, we had 16 elders haha! The drivers here are kind of crazy, The taxies are allowed to run red lights, and its free go on the roads cause there are like no cops. One bummer is that i am not allowed to play any soccer, kinda sad about that. but on P days we can go on the beach and play sand volley ball and play basket ball. The houses here are unlike anything ive seen in america, is its super green and tropical almost a jungle here. Ive seen Mexican soldiers everywhere with their faces covered with mask
s its a little different. I would seem as if they were expecting trouble at any second ha well i gotta peace out. Thanks for everything feel free the email me or write me at anytime! i would love it!

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