Wednesday, May 29, 2013

May 29, 2013 MTC

Hola! Como estan! hahah jk whats up!
So its now been exactly two weeks since my arrival to the MTC! The MTC its a pretty great place! all the buildings look the same and are all really close to each other that we still get lost all the time! But it is a really nice campus, they have tons of people hired to insure that on missionary service days we are doing all the work so of course the yard and buildings are keep way nice right???
So everyone has been asking about my companions, my district and zone. so my companion is elder Tallen Tipton from St George Utah. We look kinda different but we are one in mind and in spirit hah. He is a 6"5 Ball player is actually pretty athletic for a tall dude. he isn’t your average 6'5 160lbs string bean, he is like 200 lbs. so like he is still skinny but not that skinny if that makes sense. me and him always can read each other’s minds and we always do well in our lessons, he helps me with my Spanish because he had already taken like 4 years so he is pretty good, we both kinda have the same sense of humor and both are for sure not class guys so we always find ways to entertain ourselves. Everyone in my district has taken like 4-6 years of Spanish so i am a little behind, but it is till awesome. I will get to that I a moment. My other two companions that we share our room with are Elders Stoor and Anderson, Elder Stoor is a really cool guy he is a little thicker but not really. 5'8 weighing in at 185 lbs so just a little bigger then your 5'8 guys. like me...... well he is from Cedar and was way into wrestling his high school years so we talk wrestling all the time. so it always makes for a good convo. He is one of those guys who always has a way powerful testimony and talks for a WAY long time haha. Elder Anderson is from Austin Texas, Height 6'3 and weighting in at 196lbs. so yes you guessed it a I am technically the smallest member of our little gang. Elder Anderson use to be inactive when he was younger and over the last couple year has come back and has learned alot for his trials. He is into a lot of stuff I am into. Him and I always go lift weights while Elder Stoor and Tipton go play ball. he works out just like Ty Porter. He is a Bicept and back kinda guy, then a chest and tricep kinda guy hahah so we don’t do the same work outs haha, but at least he will go right? When my chess board comes in Elder Anderson claims he can throw down... we will see. hahah so we eat a ton here! like a lot of calories and a lot of sitting around, its good we get a hour, but still... so i now am weighing in at a soild 167lbs and same height haha so I am filling in(: but don’t worry I’m still looking good! just not as skinny hahah. We have 5 hermana, sisters in our district. We don’t talk to them that much but they are pretty cool. Hermana Fischette from New York, Hermana Piggott from Provo, Hermana Anderson from Seattle, Hermana Wilcox from Draper, and Hermana Tracy from Kansas City Missouri. When I first got here there were 3 districts but one left and now there is just us two, but we are getting a new one today, fresh meat. ah jk But I am good friends with the other sets of elders in the other district. Elder Kno is on the BYU football team and is from Ohio and is a total athlete and me and him lift and run together everyday. Elder Jackson his companion is completely different but super cool. A way smart total nerd who never played a sport in his life and went to Bingham High school hah but they are way cool and get along way good. The other three are Elder Fuero, Heslop and Seeley.  They are all way awesome guys.
So mom you would be proud of me i have been playing the piano for our branch on Sundays and have been trying to teach Elder Tipton how to play sweet hour of prayer, it is a working progress, but he is coming along just fine. also we got to go to rite-aids store because my companion was sick and we bought alot of stuff to have some fun. Some of those things include three tennis balls which I have been really immersed in juggling in my free time, I’m getting way good. I’m trying to teach my companions, as well is a work in progress. But they will get it one day.
So my language studying is going way good! I’m still not a pro but I am for sure learning every day! we have taught 7 lessons in Spanish already! most of the time we just nod at what they are saying and keep talking hahah but actually we are getting pretty good at understanding them haha. I can say most everything I want to say but I know it comes out as caveman talk/Asian who doesn’t know how to conjugate. hah the native speaker missionaries here call the "white rapper" hahah its super funny. But all this will come with time i guess.
The food here is actually good! A lot of people here complain and murmur about the food but I just refer to them as Lamen and Lamuels because I always try to remind them that at my home we never had any food to munch on hahaha. So that way I am slowly but surely gaining some weight.  
I see lots of missionaries here that I knew from the old world it’s awesome to see them all here. it’s hard to refer to them as elders and sisters and not give them all hugs.  
We have devotionals by people twice a week, I haven’t seen anyone from the 12 yet but a lot of 70 and other way cool speakers.
The spirit here is unlike anything you will have ever experienced in your life, unless of course you have been here. I am anxious to get into Mexico though.
Well peace out everyone, Mom and Dad Forward this out to whoever. Thanks so much for all the emails, letters, and packages I have got I love them so much and they help me with so much here!
As they say.....
Another day another dollar. Celestral Dollars(: