Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Hey Dad!

That is a lot of wood you guys cut! That looks fun. Actually here in Mexico, we do a lot of wood cutting too but with machetes!

So this week was a very interesting week........ Very interesting. First we had the zone class which was good. I think it could have been better but it’s all good.  We had a very cool experience this week.   We changed up some things in the zone so we could get more baptismal dates and it is working very nicely. I was able to do several divisions this week and they were very effective. On Tuesday night Elder Giraldo and I walked out of the Ward Council early to find a cyber cafe to prepare for a zone class and all the cyber cafes were closed, so we had to search all over to try to find one open.  But we could not find a single one. We decided to go down this one street that we had never been down to see if there was a cafe and we found Hermana Basilia buying some stuff. She is the lady who just got baptized.  We saw her and she was super upset at us and told us that she had a lot of things in the head and didn’t want to talk. We calmed her down and she told us that a lot of people had told her some lies about the Church and a bunch of dumb stuff.  We addressed her concerns and resolved her doubts.  She was super grateful that we had found her and explained things to her. That was a testimony to me that Heavenly Father puts us in the right place, at the right time, with the right words to help someone. It was actually a really great and cool experience. It was awesome!

We had changes and I’m in Tampico again.  I’m sad to leave my area, I loved it so much. Tomorrow actually, I am going to Ciudad Valles and opening it up to missionary work, I’m training again and I’m still the district and zone leader.  I’m going to be very busy.

Love you all so very much. Thank you for all the support that you give me.

Take care
Elder Vince Miller

Monday, November 3, 2014

 Hola !

The training is going great of my comp. We are having success and it is really fun being with him. I think that sometimes we need to focus a little more due to the fact that we have a ton of same interests and it’s easy to talk about other things. But it’s great. This week just FLEW by.  We started it like normal but on Wednesday we had to go to Tampico to the new people and training meeting.
It was great. Kind of like the first time I did it. This generation of missionaries is very special. Then that night I had to spend the night with Elder Lazara, my buddy from Argentina with his comp, who is from Arizona. I went to their area in Altamira were we had a great day walking in the streets talking and meeting people. Altamira I the opposite of Huejutla. Just tons and tons of people all packed together in a bunch of apartments and with all real life things. Had some pretty good experiences.

Elder Hallman called me and Elder Giraldo to prepare to teach a class to the council about putting baptism dates. So despite having no time and we weren’t even together, we pulled something together. The next day in the leadership council we talked about a lot of things and just had a great time. President talked so long that we didn’t have time to give our class.  It’s okay.  Not to bummed about that one. There are some great missionaries who are leaving this change who I will miss. They gave their testimonies about everything like always in the councils and it was just awesome. I love that part every time.

We got home and on Saturday we had that Baptism of the Family Del angel! It was so awesome! I found that family my first day here and it’s been a journey to get them into the waters and I am so
blessed to have had a part in helping them come unto Christ. 60 people attended the baptism.  I Iove my ward so much.  My comp was pretty pumped for his first baptism in his mission. Good way to start your mission if you ask me.

 This whole week has been crazy with that Shantolo. One of the people that we are teaching had a little hut and giving out food and invited us to go eat with them and to introduce us to some friends, We thought it would be a good chance to teach Lesson 2, the Plan of Salvation.
So we went to were all the party was happening and we went and ate some pork tacos with pork blood and Guacamole. It actually was really good. The Shantolo was super awesome! Never thought I would see something like that.

Another great experience, my comp saw some white people looking at us. And he wanted to talk with them and there we found out there were French and they didn’t speak a lick of Spanish or English but their son spoke Spanish so we talked to him in Spanish. It was cool to see Spanish as our only way to communicate seeing as we both weren’t speaking our native language. So it was super amazing! Loved every moment. This week was awesome. Hope that the next will be as well. Love you all tons! Take care.

Elder Vince