Monday, November 25, 2013


Hello Everyone,

Hey! Hows it going? This was a pretty different but good week. So this one Sister who is super poor and  disabled can't really do anything. And every time it rains her house(shack) gets 2 feet of water.  So everyday this week we have spent the morning moving dirt! It killed all of our lessons for the week but we did service so that was fun. This week has been kind of cold, 55 degrees. All the people here are dressed up like they are going skiing at Targhee, its so funny. I haven't needed to use a coat or jacket because it is just so fresh. All of the people tell me I'm crazy hah. So we had a baptism this week. It was amazing. I gave the first talk on faith and it went well and the baptism just went so smooth and the spirit was so strong. My companion and I did a special musical number which just consisted of us singing. And all the people here are not good at singing so I actually sound good when in reality we all know what I sound like. 
This change is coming to an end and I'm 80 percent sure that I'm leaving Hidalgo which will kill me because of all the time I have invested here. All of my mission I have avoided giving a talk until this last week. They told me the day before to prepare a 5 minute talk on what ever. And if you do not know, talking in front of a lot of people KILLS me.  I hate it with a passion. I don't like to do it in English let alone Spanish. So I fasted and prepared a talk and when Sunday came they told me they were only going to have me and my companion talk so I was like WHAT, I only had prepared a 5 minute talk and they wanted me to talk for 12 minutes. But I had been fasting and during the sacrament I prayed not to be nervous and give a good talk and to be able to fill the time. After my prayer I felt completely calm. And right when I started I just gave my talk with more stuff than I had planned and I didn't even know.  I could feel the spirit just guiding me like never before. When I was done everyone in the ward came up to me and told me my talk was so beautiful and that I spoke perfectly and had lost my accent and I sounded like a Mexican and said everything just so perfect. And without meaning to I had spoke for 18 minutes! I almost stole all of the time of my comp haha! It was so amazing. So yes, we are working super hard and just loving it here! Hope all is well back home!

Elder Vince Miller

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