Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Hey guys! 
I had a pretty good week! This is the last week of the change, so that will be good, we had a meeting with all the missionaries in my generation on Friday. That was way good to see all those guys. Oh before I forget,  I got your package on Wednesday! Thanks so much!........So this week it rained a ton! All the streets were rivers. I went on splits with Elder Girot into his area across the river into the state of Veracruz that was cool. It’s like the hick part of our district, tons of mud and weird things over there. The ward there is the smallest one I’ve ever seen. Only 20 people. I got to help with the sacrament that was cool. ......... We have had other elders staying with us for a couple days this week. Elder Barbosa from Peru, and Elder Ovarsio from Pueblo Mexico that was fun because Elder Ovarsio is new like me so we talked a bunch and Elder Barbosa has lots of time here, in fact he leaves Monday. So he and my comp are good friends. We went over some wrestling and jijutsu moves(: hah they just think it’s the coolest thing because the sport doesn’t exist down here. Today we went to the temple for my first time. It was cool, kind of a little different hearing it in Spanish. The only bad thing is they don’t have food in this one. After we walked across the street and ate at an Italian restaurant. Well Ian, you asked for a story so here is a story for you. About two weeks ago we were running to a house and one of the members called us to come over to Hermana Jauchita’s house. She is an 80 year old widow with no family or money. Every time we are in her shack I feel really sad. So she couldn’t walk or anything before because her leg was super jacked up. So the ward members give her food and company every day. But anyway about her leg, she couldn’t walk at all because in her right calve her tendons were separating and there was a huge gash about a half inch wide and about 10 inches running up and down her leg. It was really gross. Just a gash of flesh and the doctors didn’t know what to do because of her condition. So we ran to her house and my comp said I was giving the blessing and so I gave it and right when I finished giving her the blessing here skin was sealed back up and now there is only a scare and the next day the doctors told her that all her tendons have been put back in place. She can walk now. She still has a harder time because she is like 80 and in Mexico that is like really really old. But I am so glad I was able to be an instrument the hands of the Lord to perform this amazing healing. So there’s a story for you. Dad that is crazy about Mr. Greenwood I hope he is doing ok. I will for sure pray for him........ But thanks again all of you guys for your letters they really do help me a ton! Um don’t know what more to say. If you have any more questions you know what to do. Feel free to share my letters I just didn’t feel like sending it out to everyone today. Give everyone my love.

Elder Vince Miller
Zone Meeting

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