Sunday, December 29, 2013


Hi Mom!

Thanks for your letter! It sounds like Thanksgiving went well. I did not even remember it was Thanksgiving here until it was night time and I looked in the fridge starved and saw nothing, Then it was worse when I remembered ha. They do not celebrate that holiday here. It is all good. All their holidays are low key because they really do not party hard without alcohol.

Today was cool we went to the beach this morning and played soccer with the zone and took pictures. It was fun. There I met an escaped convict from the United States prison. While we were changing back into our church clothes, this big white guy shows up and everyone can see this guy is bad news. He was covered in tattoos and had long hair and big crazy ear rings. He came and talked to us for a little while. I guess he went to jail for doing some crazy stuff and did not want to go back so he ran down to Mexico. Long story short, I invited him to church. So nothing really cool happened this week. Well I have to go. Give my love to all. Thanks for the support.


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