Wednesday, September 18, 2013

9-18-13 Hurricane Ingrid

Things are pretty crazy right now! Our city is lucky that it (hurricane Ingrid) didn’t hit us directly.  It barely missed us. But we have been getting rain like no other! Yesterday all the streets had at least 3 feet of water I am not kidding! It was so full that in all the lagoons in the area started to over flow and right now they are still finding crocs that decided to take a swim in the streets of Madero and Tampico. If we would of known of all the crocs in the streets, I am sure we would of been more careful treading through all the streets ha. This week was fine. I am getting a new companion today........ This week a raccoon tried to eat me, that was weird. The hurricane destroyed our week for lessons and killed almost 30 people in Veracruz and Victoria. All of the houses here are extremely flooded! Kids are swimming in the streets and cars are floating in the streets. Good luck for Parker.  Kayd is there and is killin it........ Pray for the people of Veracruz and Tamulipus because of all the destruction that happened. Sorry for my grammar and spelling but using a Spanish computer it doesn’t have English spell check and I am just writing as fast as I can. Here are some photos.

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