Tuesday, October 8, 2013

October 8, 2013


Hey thanks for your letters! I’m not going to lie, I have the biggest head ache right now and it hurts me to look at the screen, but conference was awesome! I learned so much! I was honestly the first conference that I felt sad after it ended.  The Saturday sessions were better but I liked them all. Mom, in the stake center they had a room for all the gringos to watch conference in English live.  We could of watched it in Spanish but it just isn’t as powerful because you can’t hear the exact words of the prophet. We have a couple baptisms coming up! That should be awesome. the reason I havn’t sent any pictures the last couple weeks is because I ran out of batteries and they are super expensive here,  so I am waiting for more money to come in and sacrifice some food for them.  My comp and I get along fine ....... I have been a little sick this week and I don’t know why. I have a really bad head ache right now. ...... Thanks for everything! you guys are the Best! 


Elder Vince Miller

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