Monday, September 2, 2013


Oh hey everyone!

This week was a good week. So the area that I am in now is a little harder to get lessons because all the people are at the refinery until way late but its okay! We are teaching about 10 different people right now about 5 investigators.  Yesterday I asked one to get baptized and she said she would so we will have another baptism in a couple weeks. This week was pretty cool for me because one of the less active sisters we teach has been fasting for stuff because she wants to go to the temple and during the lesson I was just talking and relating an experience and all of a sudden she threw her hands up into the sky and exclaimed that I had answered one of the things she had been fasting for. I still don’t even know what that might be but that was a testimony builder to me because God prepares his missionaries and people. I was just talking about something honestly nothing super spiritual and it answered a fast for a struggling mother of 6. I don’t think that JUST happened. So that was really cool. President Jordan is the bomb because we can now play soccer on P days WOOT! So today we played with our district and the assistants, I was soaked by the end but totally worth it. We played gringos VS Latinos and believe it or not we won!  Oh this week I ate a full Habanero chili! Not the smartest thing I’ve ever done in my life but for sure one of the most rewarding. So I’ve been in area Hildago only 3 weeks and President told me that my comp is leaving this change to be a zone leader in Victoria. Kind of nervous because the area is so big and he has done the majority of the teaching and everything so you guys should pray for me or something. I am super sad to hear that my MTC comp Tallen Tipton, for sure one of my best friends, is probably leaving because he has super bad feet, bunions  Shout out to Garrett Bayles because he and President Holland are friends now, and my cousin Rebekah for having her 2nd kid! Love all so much! Thanks so much for all your support! Feel free to write me whenever, and letters are pretty cool too(: Somedays are hard and it’s so hot! I never stop sweating but I am so glad to be here, there is no other place I would rather be. Keep driving on and I will too. 

Elder Vince Miller

1. This picture was taken 2 minutes after I was done spazing out from eating the Habanero.

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