Monday, February 9, 2015

The mission is just the dream and amazing! This week was pretty eventful I guess you could say. So I have a new companion. He is a newer missionary who is really great and is from Baja California, That will be pretty beneficial when I go to Cabo. We now live in a super awesome big house that a member is renting to us. It is brand new and super nice, with 2 bathrooms, 3 bedrooms, full kitchen, living room and a back yard. What a great blessing. 

This week we had the zone class, We focused it this time on unity because we have so many young missionaries in the zone,  half have less than 6 months in the mission. About five greenies out of the MTC. So we focused on that because for new missionaries, unity is just so important. As of right now we have the biggest zone in the mission. We have a lot of missionaries to take care of.

My new comp is great. He liked going exercise so every morning we have been waking up a little early to do exercise.  We get along great. This week was cool because last week I had fasted to be able to feel the spirit more in the lessons, and it was awesome to see the difference. The spirit really was able to accompany us this week. In everything that we did I could feel it. It was great because this week I focused a lot on doing short focused prayers. One night we were waiting for one of the people that we are teaching to show up to be able to teach and decided that we were wasting time just waiting, so we decided to go out to start contacting people. This is at 8:00 PM and in Mexico there aren't very many people in the street after dark. There wasn't anyone outside to contact so we said a prayer that people would come out of their houses so that we could contact some people and right after the prayer all of a sudden a bunch of people started coming out of their houses. and we were able to get those contacts in. That was cool to see the prayer answered. 

The following day, we had to go to another area to do some planning and we had to wait for the bus. We waited and waited and waited but the bus never showed up.  After 30 minutes we did a prayer so  the bus would show up at that  moment so that we could go plan, It was cool because right after the prayer, a bus came around the corner and it was exactly the bus we needed. 

The following day, my comp and I were sooo tired after the food appointment. So we did a pray so that we wouldn't be tired in the lessons and in all the lessons that day we felt super focused, alert and not the slightest bit sleepy! That really helped me see that when we pray for specific things that Heavenly Father sends us specific answers.

Love the life! Life couldn't get better! I invite you all to do prayers that require a specific answer. I promise that you will receive your answer.

Much Love,