Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Hi Everyone,   

This week was a pretty good week. We worked really hard teaching tons of lessons and found lots of new people and set baptismal dates. My comp who I am training is actually already really good. We are like completely different in every form but it works to our advantage. One day this week we had 9 lessons which is unreal! This week we found 13 new people for contacting. The day that we had 9 lessons something really cool happened. We did not work a day for moving out. I am a little frustrated at all the work we are doing and some people just are not getting baptized because they have to go 5 times to church in a row without missing. That's the problem here. So, we were walking down the street at 7:30 and we saw this guy staring at us, and I said, "Lets go talk to him." We started talking with him about how all the churches are the same. And in my head I was thinking, well, what the heck, what do I have to loose? If this goes badly we will never see him again and if it goes good this will be cool.  So I read the scripture in the bible that says there is only one true church and right after that I asked him if he was a follower of Christ, and he said yes. So I said, "If you are a follower of Christ will you get baptized?"  He looked taken back for a second and then said, "Well....I have never been baptized, sure."  That's like really weird because every person here has been baptized. He is the first person who I've found like that. We wrote down his address and are going to visit him this week.  We met someone and in 4 minutes we had a baptismal date, that never had happened to me before. So that was really cool. The zone leaders heard about it and now I have to give a class in front of the zone on Wednesday about how to contact people.  .........Ya, its just so fun here! Thanks for praying for me and the people here. We need a lot of prayers! I got your package today, thanks soo much! Gotta go. Take care. Mom edit my email please  before you send it to people. Thanks.