Monday, March 31, 2014



Hey mom!

Hey thanks for the letter! I love seeing all the photos. This was a really good week! We had 45 lessons again and 10 investigators in church. It’s so great. I’m so glad that you got my letter. I was wondering when that was going to arrive. I am glad it even got there, right? Man the mission is just so awesome! I’m so glad to be here. Sometimes we have hard days but I’m learning sooo much here. Man... This week we had an activity, a movie night. It was pretty fun. We watched The Croods and for me it was pretty funny the 2nd time and in Spanish. I’m so glad everything is going well. Sorry I don’t share that many stories I just don’t feel like there are any SUPER cool to tell. It’s all the little things together which makes it good. I know that I already told you but I cut my hair by myself and I cut the hair of my comp as well. That’s something pretty good,  right? I got a package from the Gibson family again! They are so awesome. It’s crazy how everyone is growing up. That’s great that Garrett was able to come over to the house. Thanks for everything mom! I love hearing from you guys! I’m super excited to hear from you guys every week and to Skype you next month. I got a letter from Nadine and wrote her back in Spanish and then I realized that we both will be able to talk in Spanish while you guys won’t understand us, ha. That’s going to be really funny right?.... Thanks for everything(:


Elder Miller

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  1. Hi my name is Maddie! I have a missionary in the MTC who will leave for Tampico on August 18! I don't know if this is a mom or friend that runs this blog but I would love it if someone could email so I could ask a couple questions! It would mean the world to me! My email is
    Thanks so much! And this blog is so great!