Monday, March 10, 2014


Hey dad!

Hey I am glad to hear everything is going well back home. Whats new? Good work with the school dad ha. Hey this week was pretty good I guess. We worked super super hard.  We ended up having 43 lessons this week ha! That’s ALOT. I think we broke the mission record and this week we contacted almost 100 people in the streets. We are trying things a little differently than the regular missionaries and I hope it goes good. So we hand out cards to the people we contact in the streets and Tuesday morning we went to a cyber and made a little message to post on the back of the cards to make them a little more effective. This week we had 7 investigators at church which was pretty good. We had to do everything in the book to get some of them to go to church. But we got 7 so that is pretty good. When you pray would you guys pray for Alfredo, Luddy,  Elidia, Jessica, Teresa, Luz, and Myra? They are our investigators that are progressing the most and are super close to baptism but there are certain things that are holding every one of them back. Thanks. Now for your questions. My favorite food down here is probably things called tacos de trumpo. They are a certain kind of taco with this really good meat, Ummm. They don’t really drink anything here to different. We drink Coke every day. And yes I work out every morning for about an hour. ………So nothing too exciting happened this week.  Give my love to everyone.

Elder Miller

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