Monday, March 24, 2014


Hey dad,

I got your letter. So how can they split the ward again? That is so crazy! That is awesome that you got the taxes taken care of. ……It is super hard to believe how fast time is going here. I am sure having a great time. I have thought about this a couple times but I actually do not know so much about your mission or the mission of mom. So this week was actually pretty great. Juanna got baptized. I was taking things kind of badly over the last couple week because of how hard we working with the ward being like it is. But this week I think I realized what the Lord was trying to teach. If everything thing goes good. We could have 5 baptisms coming up here. Since I have been here we have been working with someone named Jessica and she has been kind of hard because she was listening to the Jehovah Witnesses as well as us and every time we seemed to get her to feel the spirit she would talk to her husband and the testigos and it has been a crazy process. But we made her do something this week.  We told her to do various things and after the baptism of Juana she could decide.  After the baptism we pulled her into a room and talked about everything and she prayed on her knees with us and at the end we asked her how she felt and she said alot of things but over all she said she felt sure, which I never thought I would hear from her. So this week we are going to set a baptism date. That among with other things made it a pretty good week. But thanks for everything. I still have a lot of that birthday money you sent me. I have decided that I am going to buy my comp new shoes because he has been out only 2 months and his shoes are going fast because he bought crappy shoes. So yes, send me a box if you like. I would like some like pictures of everything so I can put them in my photo album. Well I can not think of anything to send me. If you see any great ties or something, I don’t know. I am excited to talk to you again in almost a month. Take care. Love ya guys(:

Elder Miller

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