Monday, March 3, 2014


Hi mom!

This week was a kind of good but kind of bad. It had its ups and downs. We had  tons of lessons and worked really, really hard but this week not very many people went to church. But we are working on it. So there were changes today but I am not changing. I am with the Elder that I am training still and in Mante. It’s ok but I am kind of frustrated with the area. Because we are working so dang hard and being obedient but I feel there is just so much still to do. But we are working really good. But thanks for always supporting me and sending me letters Things happen every day but I just feel like none of it is like REALLY cool to tell. It is warming up here. My companion is really good. We are opposite in every way but its chill. I am learning so much from being here. Keep praying for me and helping me. I need all the prayers I can get here.
Love ya tons. Give everyone my love(:

Elder Miller

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