Monday, October 27, 2014

Hey Dad!

This week was a pretty great week and pretty fun. My comp and I are just working so hard. This week we had an issue with a lack of communication and locked our keys inside of our two story apartment.  We had to figure out how to get in and I remembered that I left one of the windows unlocked.  So, we asked some workers if we could barrow their sketchy ladder and I climbed on up. It was pretty cool. But let me tell you that that ladder was the most rickety ladder I have ever been on my whole life! But it was good.

Something super awesome that is happening right now is the Day of the Dead. It’s basically Halloween here in Mexico. They worship the dead. So we don’t worship the dead as missionaries.... But we sure do eat all the food that there is!!! Man let me tell you that right now the mission is AWESOME.  You have never tasted hot chocolate like the chocolate here.  They make it all from everything natural. It is sooo good. Its super cool to see the city getting pumped up for the holiday this week. Look it up on the internet.

This week we had a lot of good experiences. I gave a talk that went pretty well.  I think the best thing that happened was that for sure Basilia Lorenso and Victoria are getting baptized on Saturday. FINALLY!!!!  On Saturday we went to do service for them and that was fun cutting trees down with machetes.  After we tried to get them to accept a baptismal date and still they wanted to wait more. My comp and I were returning home not quite sure what we were doing to do with them and then a thought occurred to me to call the Relief Society President to have her visit Basilia that same day. Long story short, the reason she keep putting the baptism off was because she didn’t have money for refreshments and she was too embarrassed to tell us. So now it’s all worked out and they will be baptized this week.  That was a great thing to see God answer my 6 months’ worth of prayers and fasts and to see how big and crucial the role ward members make and why they are there in the first place.
I’ve got finish up. Today we went to the city center and took some cool pictures of really old buildings paintings and churches. Thanks for everything.

Love you tons Dad.
Elder Vince Miller

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