Monday, October 6, 2014


So many things have happened this week I don’t know how I’m going to have time to write everything. Last week we went to the leadership conference and because it was the last week of the change president gave us all the changes beforehand.   They are doing something that has never been done in the history of the mission, with all the new people coming in, president didn’t have enough good trainers to fill all the places.  So long story short, the more experienced zone leaders are now training as well. Therefore, I’m training again too.

My comp is named Elder Funke. He is a kid from Riverton. He just finished high school and is really similar to me. We have a great time. He is super energetic and a great guy. This is going to be a good experience. Gingos almost never train other Gringos. He is very similar to me actually and is really awesome and has a great future in his mission. The assistants and president told me that they put me with him so he can copy my style and learn really young. It’s weird because he is younger than Ian.

Conference was great I loved it. I really enjoyed the other languages element that they put it in. We were able to watch it in English but the time when it was a Spanish talker we ran into the other room. I really love Elder Hollands for all the heart he put into it. Elder Andersons, Elder Christoffersons and Elder Bednars was pretty great. But they all were good.

So we got Visalia to stop drinking coffee but still wants to wait to get baptized which is driving us crazy. Please pray for the Del Angel family. Right now we have two more elders in the house while they are looking for another house. The house is little so it’s not the best. But we are helping them get a house.

Dad take care with everything. We will pray for you. Gave the zone class this week and it went well. A lot of other things I could tell you about but I have to get off now. Thanks for everything. Love you tons! Walk with Christ! The faces of the people who surround you are the show of your success and character. Love you all tons. Till next time

Elder Miller

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