Monday, January 20, 2014


Hey mom!
Thanks for the letter. This week was pretty good! We worked really hard and had our ward talent show that we planned and it was a huge success. All the people loved it. I played a little piano and did some magic, it was super fun, and the following Sunday we had more than 10 investigators at church! It was super cool! All our hard work is finally starting to show. I've seen how the missionaries in a ward can change the entire ward. I arrived with church attendance at 40 people every week. Now we are having more than 80! The missionaries of Ward Boulivard are working super hard. 

My comp left to ciudad Victoria. and I'm staying here in Mante. But I'm actually going to train. I will be training someone from the same generation as TY(good friend from back home) because he gets here today. I will see him in the misiĆ³n home tomorrow. That's going to be crazy.  We found a new house to live in this week, and I gave my first district meeting, it went really good. I am excited to get a new companion. I hope he is ready to work like crazy. .......Really nothing too exciting happened this week. I still haven't received the package but I am sure it will get here soon enough. I will probably write again in a little because I do not have to be at the office until 9 tonight. I gotta bounce! Give everyone my love. Thanks for everything!

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